SPUTNIK ZURICH is a manufacturer of reflective puristic bags based in Zurich, Switzerland. Established in 2012 by owners Stefanie Sixt and Chelsea Morrissey, SPUTNIK ZURICH’s aim is to design functional urban design with a beautiful simple construction and minimal form. All our products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland.
SPUTNIK ZURICH as a synonym for “companion and protection”. Sputnik [ˈsput.nʲik] (Спутник, a russian word meaning “satellite” or literally “fellow traveler”) was the name of the first soviet satellites reaching the earth orbit.
Stefanie Sixt is a german architect and designer. She has worked before for SNØHETTA architects in Oslo. She completed the MAS CAAD program (Computer Aided Architectural Design) at the ETHZ in 2009/2010. Working in different fields from architecture to art and design – inspired by scandinavian and japanese design and culture.
Chelsea Morrissey is an american architect. She is interested in special construction methods and sustainable design. After studying architecture at ISU, Ames and in Chur, Switzerland, she was working at Boltshauser Architekten in Zürich. Her passion for construction methods and materials research range from applications in architecture to product and fashion design.

Reflective bags for urban commuters – SWISSMADE Dismiss